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recovering from her attack in cairo. president obama called her to express his concerns yesterday. a source close to logan says she has already vowed that she will return to reporting. >>> this morning a grand jury is preparing to look into sex abuse allegations against albert haynesworth. his attorney is fighting back against the claims that he acted inappropriately at the rooftop bar at the w hotel. tracee wilkins has the latest. >> reporter: this is all happening very quickly considering that the incident happened just last sunday and this jury is expected to convene tomorrow. this is proof that d.c. prosecutors are quickly getting their case together and as to is haynesworth's attorney. d.c. prosecutors are subpoenaing witnesses who will tell a grand jury on bring what they say happen on the rooftop of the bar here at the w hoe it tell this past sunday. according to a police report, a waitress who works in the bar is alleging that haynesworth began it came recent her breasts while tucking his credit card into her blouse. police are calling it sexual abuse. haynesworth's attorney a. scot
on financial need. president obama said the government needs to tighten its belt just like a family would in tough economic times. but republicans say even with all those cuts, it's not enough to reduce the federal geoff sit. >> it cuts what we can't afford to pay for what we cannot do without. >> that's what families do in hard times, and that's what our country has to do as well. >> what's really dangerous is if we continue to do nothing and allow the status quo to stay in place. when are we going to get serious about cutting spending? >> despite the deficit, neither side has come up with a plan to cut the two biggest entitlement programs, medicare and social security. >>> also today, president obama will be in baltimore visiting parkville middle school. he's discuss making stupids more competitive as part of his winning the future promise. the middle school focuses on science, technology, engineering and math. a white house spokesperson says the president feels this school is an example of one that needs continuous investment. >>> 6:07. the speech therapy for congresswoman gabrielle gi
, there are reports that the obama administration is in talks to have egyptian president hosni mubarak resign immediately. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> good morning. i'm joe krebs this friday, the 4th of february, 2011. we are also keeping a close watch on the forecast. a live look outside now. we have cloudy skies but it is quite cold. 29 degrees and we could see another wintry mix tonight into tomorrow. that's not a snack you serve during the super bowl. >> absolutely not. at least it is not happening during the workweek where we had so many problems with traffic and the commute and i think everyone is just so sick of it. but still not good news for people that were hoping to see nicer weather. tom is here with an update on the weather we are going to be seeing tonight. tom, good morning to you. >> look at that messy map. >> it is a mess. >> snow in texas. there's freezing rain and sleet in southeast texas, louisiana into alabama. and rain east of there. that's coming up our way. that's going to be coming our way here by late tonight. right now around our region, our temperatures are into
obama has spoke to -- >> right now, demonstrators are gathering, the country's iraq's prime minister said they are targe targets. >> investigators say that he bought chemicals online. >> food and wine magazine names a local place one of the best in the country. >> now more warnings, newly installed speed cameras will send you ♪ >> the sounds of motown at the white house, last night's concert features stevie wonder, jamie foxx, and neil jonas. a series of performances from black history month. can you see the concert on march 1st on pbs. >> i want to say, which one of these are not like the other? >> his connection to motown is -- >> not sure about that. look at that hazy, and dreary out there. and tom is here to tell us, not quite what we will see later today. >> big difference later this afternoon. at 6:11, you see the green on radar, moderate rain from the pennsylvania border to central maryland into the western suburbs. this line is heading off to the east. behind this line, into the afternoon, likely, very strong winds, high wind warnings. most of advertently, east and west vir
to president obama's super bowl party. >> probably don't need to check. you've wondered about this mysterious smile? maybe it's the man-a lisa. >> what a suspected burpg lar left behind that made it easy for police to track him down. drink in the rich, bold taste... of premium roast coffee -- 100% arabica beans. it's so rich, but so just a dollar. on the dollar menu at breakfast. and that's what we'rma of. ♪ ba da ba ba ba my sistersundays are just tofor watching football. believe that? [ thinking ] relax. you ordered off mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast. everything's so good and just a buck. so go. he's a jerk. [ thinking ] the simple joy of being smart. ♪ >>> even sprb busy planning a super bowl party for this will weekend and we hear he's inviting a few clelebrity friends. lopez and anthony have been invited. they have remained friends. does the president have a good tv? that's the question. >> i suspect he might. this morning there is a new theory behind one of the most famous paintings. could the eyes behind the mona lisa smile actually be those of a guy? one italian researcher no
voted to authorize the strike because of salary cuts and other issues. >> president obama will meet with injured troops, involve oth other -- naval center in bethesda. >>> president obama said that his former white house chief of staff will be a great mayor of chicago. rahm emanuel will take over for mayor daly may 16th. >>> he said he will not back down, republican assembly members want a test vote. thousands of demonstrators have stormed the capitol protesting the plan. meanwhile, the 14 democratic state senators denying it republicans a quorum will not get a paycheck until they return to the senate floor. two republican state senators also have not shown up for the vote. >> and in indiana, the house democrats left yesterday are in illinois to prevent a quorum. >>> happen hadding today, lindsay lohan will be back in the courtroom. facing a felony grand theft charge, after being accused of stealing a 2,500 necklace. prosecutors plan to offer her a plea deal with significant jail time. she is on probation from a prior drunk driving charge. the judge threatened to send her to jail if
in september. president obama spoke with mubarak after the address and said a peaceful transition to new leadership must begin now. >> the maryland/duke basketball game is tonight. >> 6:09 is your time. the rain and freezing rain are moving out. we have a lot of reports of standing water. your weather and traffic are next. this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for takeoff. looks like it's bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! ♪ [ child ] the train is now arriving. [ male announcer ] the train has arrived indeed. amtrak guest rewards members, take two roundtrips on northeast regional and get one free. details at amtrak.com. >>> time for weather and traffic on this wednesday morning. good morning. i'm happy to say the rain is beginning to taper off and end across northern virginia. in maryland, light rain. northern frederick county, parts of carroll county getting some freezing rain. temperatures for the m
. >>> "today" president obama will speak at the u.s. chamber of commerce as he tries to improve his relationship with big business. the president was at odds with the chamber over health care reform and recent financial regulations but now he's making a point to reach out to businesses, including them in the december tax compromise. in his weekly address, president obama said, quote, boast during the economy requires that washington and businesses work together. >>> 6:04 is your time now. happening today, d.c. residents can voice their concerns over the city's response to the snowstorm. d.c. council member tommy wells is holding a roundtable on the lessons learned from the snow. that's at 10:00 this morning. council members are also expected to discuss a bill that would enforce fines tr residents and businesses ha do not quickly remove snow and ice from sidewalks after a storm. >>> the green bay packers are the big cheese of the nfl today as they downed the steelers to win the super bowl. they jumped out to an early 14-0 lead and then 21-10 at the first half. but the steelers storme
-old promised not to run again, but that is not enough for the protesters. >>> in the day ahead, president obama will travel to michigan to promote broader access to high speed internet service. the president wants to see access expanded it to 98% of the population within five years. it's a lofty goal considering major cities are just now getting the technology.initiative is part of the president's push to spur innovation and competitiveness in the hopes of creating jobs. >>> 6:20. right now a whole lot of people will be digging out from another snow storm. two feet of snow fell in oklahoma and arkansas and more is on the way. it was so bad that oklahoma national guard troops are called in to help stranded drivers in tulsa. in arkansas, the storm left every major highway either packed with snow or covered with slush. blowing snow made it hafrder to clean up. and this storm is not creating any airline delays right here at least. here is a live look at reagan national airport. right now all flights at all local airports are on time. >>> 6:20. you could be paying $90 for a single piece of luggage.
. >> good luck. >> well, the white house has postponed president obama's trip to penn state university. it was to be the next stop to promote american innovation. because of the weather, it has been pushed back to thursday. >> a different kind of weather threat in australia. stores taped up their stores ahead of a cyclone. military helicopters are pressed into service, evacuating hospitals and nursing homes. the cyclone is expected to hit late wednesday. >> hundreds of thousands of protesters are gathering in egypt. >> the terror theft for wall street and some top executives. >> and light, freezing drizzle. it is slick enough to cause delays. meteorologist tom kierein said we will see heavier rain later on today. drink in the rich, bold taste... of premium roast coffee -- 100% arabica beans. it's so rich, but so just a dollar. on the dollar menu at breakfast. and that's what we'rma of. ♪ ba da ba ba ba the next, you start one feeling bit off.fine. the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. os
. >> the last day on the job for president obama's press secretary. he will join the former senior advisory axelrod to work on his campaign. and four people killed at three different shooting scenes, out overnight, talking with police. >> it is another cold, cold morning.:3t tom kierein promises it will warm up this weekend. we will te ♪ me and you ♪ a little rendezvous ♪ that special something ♪ that will carry you through ♪ that little reward ♪ for all the things you do [ female announcer ] luscious, creamy filling -- perfectly combined with our intense, slow-melting chocolate -- the one and only ghirardelli squares chocolate. ♪ ghirardelli of san francisco. moments of timeless pleasure. >>> right now, police piecing together details of a violent night in northern virginia. four people killed in two different communities. >> and hosni gamal saying he is not going anywhere. making protesters. >> it is another freezing cold morning. a live look outside. you are waking up to 26 degrees. 6:30. look at that beautiful horizon. the great news is, once the sun rises, it will start
wilson center. >> this week, first lady michelle obama's "let's move" campaign to tackle the childhood obesity epidemic. tomorrow, she will deliver a campaign and make a live appearance on the "today" show. >> the green bay packers will hold a celebration today, forgoing the parade most teams do when they win a title. fans cleared all the snow in the stadium. dozens of fans were paid $8 an hour to make sure they can celebrate their super bowl win in style. >> for the 400 people who had tickets to the super bowl, and found out their seats were removed, they better start making plans for 2012, indianapolis. 1,200 seats removed for safety issues hours before the game. other fans were moved to better seating, while those got refunded three times the face value of their tickets, and tickets to next year. >> if you were fans, you would be upset. >> flipping the switch, and right now, overnight rain, it will be blow dried as the morning progresses. snow out in the west virginia area. north and east of us, that low, deepening. we will have our sunrise at 7:08. by then, down near freezing. low
probe. >>> 6:05 is the time. more criticism from republicans today of president obama's 2012 budget plan. the white house sending a parade of administration officials to capitol hill to defend the $3.7 trillion proposal. while visiting a baltimore middle school yesterday, the president pushed for more spending for education. the proposal also lays out plans to cut the deficit by $1.1 trillion over the next decade. some 200 federal programs would be eliminated or see funding slashed. >> i worked on seven budgets the president sent to congress. this has the toughest cuts i have ever worked on. they are very significant. >> the president's proposing raising taxes to lower the deficit. his plan calls for lowering how much could be written off itemized tax deductions. >>> 6:06 is your time. 33 degrees. lawmakers want to make the digs tracted driving laws in the area even tougher. >> the mounting legal troubles for john edwards. he takes the stand in a trial over a sex tape. >> you are waking up to cold and windy weather. your weather and traffic together on the 1s are next. >>> good morning.
the laboratory. >> house president obama said the cuts would weaken the economy, not help it. they must agree by march 4th, to avoid a government shutdown. conley argue that is part of the budget should be used for metro, considering that 40% of all federal employees use the transit system to get to work. >> and today, baker and montgomery county legit will speak out in favor of a tax hike. to increase maryland's alcohol tax to a dime a drink. it could save dozens of lives a year, and generate $215 billion in revenue. >> a touch of spring, left us wanting more. the first light of dawn now. and by noon, the mid 50s in the afternoon, a blustery wind. mostly clear, mid 30s, low 60s tomorrow, and lo and behold, it may hit 70, but turning colder for the weekend. falling into the twechbts what is going on with the beltway? >> things are difficult, authorities continue to investigate the fiery tractor trailer crash that occurred on the inner loop, between central avenue and route 4. two travel lanes are getting by. traffic is backing up rapidly. south from central avenue. 301 to route 4, 295, south
. the house may pay a two-week deal that. >> president obama, hoping to steal solutions to hear the economy. some of the west astronauts floating outside. one of them is second string. the originals are directing from mission control on crutches. >> the forecast. from top tom. >> important to pay attention to the forecast throughout the day. it will be we may have damaging winds from the storms. if you hear tomorrow, colder. and dry. >> and north from landmark to the 14th street bridge. watch out, the visibility can be a bit of an issue throughout the day. >> we will be back here tomorrow at 4:30. until then, have a great day, see you then. hey, what are you drinkin'? i'm drinkin' dunkin'. coffee -- black, straight up. extra cream, three sugars. iced coffee french vanilla. for me. iced coffee with a turbo shot. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. drinkin' dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee. and i'm investigating what makes aruba so happy. oh my word, that's fantastic. ♪ row your boat gently down the stream... ♪ i'll tell you what; it's not
spouses and significant others. >> the white house says president obama is still grappling with his personal views on same-sex marriage. same-sex couples in hawaii now have the same rights and responsibilities as married couples. the governor signed in to what you a civil unions bill. that rye i is the seventh state to grant civil unions. >>> the death toll up went up i new zealand. 98 are dead and 220 remain missing. foreign specialists have come in from around the world to help local police look for survivors who may be trapped in the buildings and rubble. prime minister has declared a natural disaster and says the damage could top $12 billion. >>> 6:06 now. have you cruised the inner county connector yet? you're not alone. more than 30,000 people took the ick through the end of last evening's rush. the first section of the highway opened yesterday. it connects i-270 and georgia avenue. i 370, rather, and georgia area. the icc is free for now. starting march 7th, you will have to pay between 60 cents and $1.45. you took it yesterday. your first impressions? >> it's a beautiful hig
workers and friends to their april 29th ceremony. dig t dig -- the obamas are not on the guest lists. guests will not include sarah ferguson. the ex-wife of prince andrew and duchess of york, was snubbed. the daughters will likely to attend, since they are cousins with the groom. >> whatever you may think about a royal wedding it is all predecided. it is a working business venteur. >> the 1900 guests won't be sticking around for reception. the list gets more exclusive with 300 attend ing the royal wedding dinner. >>> the first scottish deer hound to win the westminster dog show. she has been making her rounds are, and stopped by the stock market floor on wall street. the owners are trying to take in. >> i saw them award the best in show to my dog. i have to look at it again. to win westminster, there is nothing better for a breeder. >> a beautiful dog, a beautiful handler, a romantic, italian judge. poetry in motion, she was her best that night. >> she got a top dog dinner, complete with a ham berger. >> she will be a live guest on news 4 at 6:00. >> she dines in style. >> i wonder
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